Jesus Coin, the Crypto Currency that saves from hell!


Beware of false-prophet coins.

Jesus Coin will become the de-facto currency of all good Christians. It will also become the currency of all bad Christians too. We predict that Jesus Coin will overtake the Mormon church’s $40bn valuation by 2030 to become the 2nd most powerful Christian organization in the world and overtake the Catholic church’s $1 trillion valuation by 2050, becoming the most powerful Christian institution in the world.

Save yourself from Hell now! Get rid of the sin of greed! Donate:

#BTC: 18UtAYMy8zUUanHtkbvv4MUTajA2NoprNB

#LTC: LcgtnX2JDgKZAM4kh4JDsa1h6WVTFPnzXm

#TRX: 0xd757ac21df84127b659429a4f6f7a25f97bd2356


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