Honor 3 Lol: Explaining How to LeveL Up Fast in the New Honor System at League of Legends


On July 3rd, 2017, 

I published a video on Youtube, with the title “How to Level Up Fast in the New Honor System at League of Legends?” stating that “If you know how to read between the lines, here (in that video) is the secret on HOW TO LEVEL UP FAST in the New Honor System at League of Legends, according to RIOT itself”

Many of you, of course, didn’t believed. The video was just putting together 3 League of Legends videos. Well, as I stated earlier on a comment: There is a problem-solving principle named “Occam’s razor”: Sometimes the simplest, most obvious explanation, is the correct one. 3 points alone, are just 3 points. 3 points together can form a triangle, a unit.

What is the one thing that the 3 videos say? What could pass unnoticed if you watch the 3 videos separately, but have to pop out if you watch them together, not as 3 separated and unrelated things, but as a unity?

No, contrary to what many of you thought, that was not a troll video. Yes, it contains the answer to the question “how to level up faster in the new League of Legends Honor System?”. It is quite obvious, Riot often reinforces the message at the end of your games… I just did not write the answer, black on white, to annoy those who search magic tricks, ignoring that they already know what they are looking for…

I told you that, I quote myself: “I would explain why that trick is THE TRICK. Maybe another day. Maybe I will do one of those talking videos, explaining why doing this will help you level up faster, on the new League of Legends honor system. (well, considering that you don’t have reports, etc…)”

So, the time has come. Here I am, doing a talking video, with the help of this beautiful, kind of robotic, Harry’s British English voice. I will tell you what is the trick. And why it is the trick.

But first let me tell you that, to make sure that it was really true, and not only my supposition, I tested it, with the help of a good friend that I knew that will receive much more honors than myself – and received at least 3 times more – well, just an high elo player, playing on a low MMR smurf account -, that agreed to do the same amount of games, but not doing the trick.

So… how to level up faster? «honor a teammate». 

You know? «Honor a Teammate». 

What else could you “read” on the video? Briefly… (very short explanation):

– If you are the most honored, but honored no one, your honor worth less (because you don’t get that extra) – and… this part is very important in the demonstration of why this is the trick… in order to this system make sense, and don’t promote selfishness – a thing that is not honorable – and promote cooperation rather than competition – remember that for competition you have ranked games – if you don’t honor any one, the value of the honors you recieve, are penalized – Win or lose, as a team, like RIOT states.

– If you are not honored but everybody on your team still honored someone, you still level up (the extra again). Win or lose, as a team, again.

Last but not least, when you honor someone your honor level up, even if not all your teammates honor someone, and you did not receive any honor.

How this makes sense? This agrees with that stated by Riot, that you are going to level up with time, receiving honor or not: honoring someone demonstrates that you recognize other people job – and, thereby, you are honorable.

So, always honor someone. There’s always someone, even when the game was too bad, and you were defeated, that u can honor…

I told that I tested it with the help of a friend, remember?

Guess what? He stopped doing games one week after I achieved honor level 3, on July, 28th, 2017, without getting level 3 on that account…

One more thing!…

Mathematically, on average, you earn more honor points from the extra (if everybody honor someone, even if you are not honored – In which case you must honor someone) than from honor points that you receive.

So, even if you believe that everything I say behind is bullshit. You must always try to honor someone…

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