3 Essential Wordpres Plugins

5 essential wordpress plugins

New WordPress plugins appear out there every day, but there are few that are essential for your website to run smoothly and also have a good performance in terms of loading time to your visitors – which gives you a better SEO Score. Let’s check the guys:

  1. Yoast SEO – Get found by and on search engines

yoast seo - 5 essential wordpress plugins

Yoast is the SEO plugin you’ll want to have installed on your site to get ranked at the top of the search engines. WIth Yoast, you’ll know if your title is too long, whether you forgot to put keywords in your image alt tags, whether your meta description needs work and other details that are relevant for improving your site’s search rankings.

This plugin is free but it has an option to upgrade to premium – You can read more here.

The only thing I don’t like in this plugin is that they only offer support in the premium version.

2. WP Fastest Cache: Speed Up Your Website

wordpress fastest cache plugins

The quality of your WordPress theme and the size of your images are two major components of your site that you can control to make a difference in how fast it loads. Priding itself on being the simplest and fastest WordPress cache system, this plugin does all the job in the cache section. It also deletes the old cache when a post or a page is published so you don’t have to take care of it by hand.

The good: The plugin lives up to its name, proving to speed up website load times better than other popular caching plugins like W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.

The bad: Despite claiming to be the simplest cache plugin, WordPress users with no understanding of how caching works won’t necessarily how to best configure all the settings. We wish there was a section on the WP Fastest Cache website similar to Wordfence Security’s Learning Center that had resources for users who are totally clueless about caching.

This plugin is free and has a premium option if you want some more features – Read more and download it on WP Fastest Plugin WordPress Page.

3. Wordfence Security: Get Advanced Security Protection

5 essential wordpress plugins - wordfence

This plugin offers a variety of robust security features including a firewall, brute force protection, malware scanning, security alerts, your own threat defense feed, login security options and more.

The Good: Web security can be confusing and intimidating for a lot of newbies, so it’s super helpful that the Wordfence team offers support and great customer service to both free and premium users of the plugin.

The Less Good: Again, because web security can be so confusing and intimidating for newbies, it can be easy to miss configuring a setting within the plugin and then suffer an attack as a result. Users should take the extra time to check out Wordfence’s Learning Center to gain at least a basic understanding of WordPress security.

The plugin is free and has an option to upgrade to premium, which gives you better support and some more cool features.


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