Dictionary of Crypto Terms for Beginners

Dictionary of Crypto

For someone entering Cryptoland (world of Crypto Currencies) there are a lot of terms that can make some confusion. Here is a list of basic terms whose meaning is important to know:

FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.
FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out.
ATH – All-Time High.
Alt-Coin – CryptoCoin that is not Bitcoin.
Fiat – Your local currency.
HODL – Hold On for Dear Life.
P&D – Pump and Dump.
Satoshi – The smallest unit of Bitcoin available.
Whale – Trader with a lot of money.
Wallet – Place to hold your crypto-coins.
PoS – Proof of Stake.
PoW – Proof of Work.
Bullish – Expecting the price to go up.
Bearish – Expecting the price to do down.
ICO – Initial Coin Offering.
FUDster – Someone spreading FUD.
TA – Technical Analysis.
Mooning – Extreame Price Increases.
Lambo – Term used by Mooner expecting to be CryptoMillionaire overnight.
Fork – Creating a New Blockchain based on the current version.

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