10 Rules for Crypto Investing


First of all, and probably the most important rule to crypto-investing (in fact, at any kind of risk investment), Invest only what you can throw away. Having followed this rule, you can order the others that I’ll list at your own pleasure.

Rule #2 – Never panic. Never panic sell – or panic buy! Hold. Or in technical language – HODL.

Rule #3 – Buy on Low/Sell on High – Buy on High/Sell on Low. If you can’t handle with the emotion of surfing the waves – follow rule number #2 – HODL.

Rule #4 – Learn the basics of Math. Know the difference between nominal and percentage – know the difference between nominal value and percentage value.

Rule #5 – Either learn to use social media in your favor – or just ignore it. Don’t panic with the crowd, don’t follow the crowd – buy when everyone is selling – sell when everybody is buying.

Rule #6 – If you can’t ignore social media – don’t believe in everything that you read: 99,9% is either a lie, or it is not true, or it is inaccurate.

Rule #7 – Confirm every information that you get with several sources – the good and the bad. If you fail to do so, you will be euphoric about what makes you happy, and in panic with that goes against your expectations. Control your emotions. 

Rule #8 – Learn from mistakes – and with what went well.

Rule #9 – Don’t get excited whit the gains – nor be depressed by the losses.

Rule #10 – It is better to miss the opportunity of the day than the opportunity of a lifetime. Be patient, not emotional. It is better to miss the train than to be smashed by it. After all, after a train, another train comes.

If you want to go to the Moon – send your application to NASA – or any other space agency. Maybe you can even go to Mars!

If you want to start investing on Crypto Currencies, BINANCE is probably the best option. You can register here: Binance.

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P.S. – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! And don’t be greedy – take your profits!



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